Durann A. Neil, Esq.

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Attorney Neil is committed to his clients and works tirelessly on their behalf. As a former division one basketball player known for his tenacity and perseverance he zealously represents clients in all stages of litigation. His goal is to be an advocate, who can always be counted on to fight for his clients—that is the foundation of his law career. He firmly believes in keeping the lines of communication to his clients open in order to help them understand the process they are experiencing. Attorney Neil is well-versed in many different types of cases and has the knowledge and skill set required to identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and vigorously protect the accused from a conviction. He defends individuals against a wide range of criminal charges, including DUI and drug offenses, assaults, robberies and burglaries, gun offenses, and homicides. Attorney Neil also is aggressive and creative in litigation strategies to successfully represent injured victims and victims of discrimination. Employing a skillful fusion of preparation and coordination, Attorney Neil personalizes his legal approach to address the nuances of each client’s case. To reinstate composure, confidence, and control in intimidated, disheartened, or injured clients, Attorney Neil focuses on fostering a strong attorney-client relationship. Attorney Neil earned his J.D. from the Charlotte School of Law. 
Personal Injury / Civil
Bar Fight Injury   Immigration Swimming Pool Injury  
Burn Injuries   Medical Malpractice   Traumatic Brain Injury  
Bankruptcy  Motor Vehicle Accidents   Truck Accidents  
Construction Accidents   Motorcycle Accidents   Wrongful Death  
Dog Bites Negligent Security   Workers’ Compensation
Entertainment Law Personal Injury Premises Liability
Foreclosure Pharmacy Errors   Slip & Fall Accidents
Herniated Disk Injury Product Liability
Highway Accidents   Defective Products
Industrial Accident Injury Spinal Cord Injury
Criminal offenses
Aiding & Abetting / Accessory Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation Murder: Second-degree
Assault / Battery Drug Trafficking / Distribution Open Container Law
Drug Possession Traffic / DUI / DWI Perjury 
Burglary  Embezzlement  Probation Violation
Theft / Larceny Extortion  Prostitution 
Arson  Forgery  Public Intoxication
Aggravated Assault / Battery Fraud  Racketeering / RICO
Attempt  Harassment  Wire Fraud
Bribery Hate Crimes Robbery 
Child Abandonment Homicide  Securities Fraud
Child Abuse Indecent Exposure Vandalism 
Computer Crime Identity Theft Shoplifting 
Conspiracy Insurance Fraud Solicitation 
Credit / Debit Card Fraud Kidnapping  Stalking 
Criminal Contempt of Court Landlord Tenant La Tax Evasion / Fraud
Cyber Bullying Manslaughter: Involuntary Telemarketing Fraud
Disorderly Conduct Manslaughter: Voluntary Vandalism 
Disturbing the Peace Medical Marijuana
Domestic Violence MIP: A Minor in Possession
Money Laundering
Murder: First-degree