John R. Stein, Esq. (of counsel)

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John R. Robert Stein, born December 1, 1987, began his career as an attorney in May of 2014 after graduating early from law school. As an Associate Attorney at Jacobs & Barbone, P.A., Mr. Steinís practice primarily consisted of criminal defense, DUI & traffic defense, employment law, civil rights violations and administrative law matters. In 2017, Mr. Stein began employment with Reynolds & Scheffler, LLC, focusing his practice on criminal and DUI defense. In April of 2019, Mr. Stein opened his own law practice, using his experience to provide aggressive and intelligent defense strategies! In the same year Mr. Stein became of counsel to Neil Law, LLC his practice will primarily consist of criminal defense, DUI & traffic defense, employment law and civil law.
Criminal offenses / All Municipal Court Matters
Aiding & Abetting / Accessory Drug Manufacturing and Cultivation Murder: Second-degree
Assault / Battery Drug Trafficking / Distribution Open Container Law
Drug Possession Traffic / DUI / DWI Personal Injury
Burglary  Embezzlement  Probation Violation
Theft / Larceny Expungement Prostitution 
Arson  Forgery  Public Intoxication
Aggravated Assault / Battery Fraud  Racketeering / RICO
Attempt  Harassment  Wire Fraud
Bribery Hate Crimes Robbery 
Child Abandonment Homicide  Securities Fraud
Child Abuse Indecent Exposure Vandalism 
Computer Crime Identity Theft Shoplifting 
Conspiracy Insurance Fraud Solicitation 
Credit / Debit Card Fraud Kidnapping  Stalking 
Criminal Contempt of Court Landlord Tenant La Tax Evasion / Fraud
Cyber Bullying Manslaughter: Involuntary Telemarketing Fraud
Disorderly Conduct Manslaughter: Voluntary Vandalism 
Disturbing the Peace Medical Marijuana Workers Compensation
Domestic Violence MIP: A Minor in Possession
Money Laundering
Murder: First-degree