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Successful Outcome Successful Outcome

Neil Law obtained an excellent result for a client charged with 2 counts of Attempted Murder. After a lengthy detention hearing, Neil Law convinced the Judge to release his client and let him fight the charges from home.

"JURY TRIAL WIN" Durann Neil obtained an excellent result for a client facing 30 years on a Aggravated Manslaughter charge. After receiving a plea offer of 26 years, Mr. Neil and his client asked for a jury trial and gained an acquittal of the Aggravated Manslaughter charge after a 2 week trial.

Successful Outcome Successful Outcome

GUN DISMISSED !!! Neil Law obtained a favorable result for a client who was charged with 2nd Degree Certain Persons not to Possess a Gun, and 2nd degree Unlawful Possession of a Handgun. After a year of challenging the States’s evidence, Neil Law was able to obtain a dismissal of the gun. Prior to Neil Law’s retention, the offer was 10 years must serve 5 years. But after the gun dismissal, their client is eligible to be released.

$240,000 SETTLEMENT AWARDED IN A PERSONAL INJURY CASE!!! Neil Law Attorney’s Durann Neil and John Stein obtained a favorable result for a client who was hurt in a car accident. After two years of attacking the case, Neil Law’s client was awarded $240,000 for his damages. 

Successful Outcome Successful Outcome

1st DEGREE ROBBERY DISMISSED !!!  after close to a year of negotiations and potential trial calls, Neil Law was able to obtain a Dismissal of the 1st degree Robbery charge for a Juvenile client. The dismissal prevented their client from being waved up to Adult court and eliminating mandatory adult prison time. 

$50,000 RECOVERED!!! Neil Law recovered $50,000 for a client who was hit by a truck in a car accident. After extensive negotiations, the opposing party decided to settle for fear of going to trial.