extremely rare:  Mr. Neil is a published attorney which is extremely rare (New Jersey v. Dorff, A-2485-19), as less than one percent of attorneys are published. A published attorney is an attorney who argued a legal opinion that was later made case law. As a result, this newly made case law is taught in law schools and in Attorney's continued education classes. This law has changed the way cops behave during suspect questioning.
At Neil Law, there is a strong effort to help those in need. The Legal system can be complex frustrating and expensive, but with the proper legal help issues can be resolved. We are a full service law firm that can handle all legal issues.




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Successful Outcome Successful Outcome

Neil Law obtained an excellent result for a client charged with 2 counts of Attempted Murder. After a lengthy detention hearing, Neil Law convinced the Judge to release his client and let him fight the charges from home.

"JURY TRIAL WIN" Durann Neil obtained an excellent result for a client facing 30 years on a Aggravated Manslaughter charge. After receiving a plea offer of 26 years, Mr. Neil and his client asked for a jury trial and gained an acquittal of the Aggravated Manslaughter charge after a 2 week trial.

Successful Outcome Successful Outcome

GUN DISMISSED !!! Neil Law obtained a favorable result for a client who was charged with 2nd Degree Certain Persons not to Possess a Gun, and 2nd degree Unlawful Possession of a Handgun. After a year of challenging the States’s evidence, Neil Law was able to obtain a dismissal of the gun. Prior to Neil Law’s retention, the offer was 10 years must serve 5 years. But after the gun dismissal, their client is eligible to be released.

$240,000 SETTLEMENT AWARDED IN A PERSONAL INJURY CASE!!! Neil Law Attorney’s Durann Neil and John Stein obtained a favorable result for a client who was hurt in a car accident. After two years of attacking the case, Neil Law’s client was awarded $240,000 for his damages. 

Successful Outcome Successful Outcome

1st DEGREE ROBBERY DISMISSED !!!  after close to a year of negotiations and potential trial calls, Neil Law was able to obtain a Dismissal of the 1st degree Robbery charge for a Juvenile client. The dismissal prevented their client from being waved up to Adult court and eliminating mandatory adult prison time. 

$50,000 RECOVERED!!! Neil Law recovered $50,000 for a client who was hit by a truck in a car accident. After extensive negotiations, the opposing party decided to settle for fear of going to trial.